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Audio engineer with a passion for Music

Hi and welcome to my online portfolio!

Currently living in Holland , I am a certified Audio engineer with a passion for Music.

For the past 2 years I have been working in live sound , mixing various bands and artists.
Having been the producer for different projects, my knowlege extends into the studio environment as well.

I have experience working with Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase, and have an Honors degree in Audio production from the SAE Institute - Amsterdam.


My Music

Patterns E.P.

In colaboration with TDW records, I have produced the "Patterns EP". You can download it for free here.

Circus of Fear
For You
Selling Lies

The Ep "Patterns" was recorded at:

And has been produced by Myself together with Tom de Wit. After six months of meticulous work, we finally managed to take the raw ideas to a new level, which was to take them into the studio environment.
The mastering itself was done at the SAE Studios in Amsterdam.

Read the reviews:

Other projects

There is No place to go
Charismatic Woman

Building a professional Music Studio

Together with my father Liviu Tămaș we are in the process of building our own recording studio.

Our studio is intended as an audio professional one, with appropriate technical equipment for rehearsal and recording, with a live room, control room, and appendices. The location is far from any source of noise, far from the circulated roads, at 5km away from the city center. It is located in a private yard, 80% of the walls being in the ground, thus ensuring a very good sound insulation against external noise sources. All rooms will be soundproofed and acoustically treated to ensure optimal conditions for rehearsals, recording and mixing. The studio will be equipped with appropriate equipment for rehearsals, and with professional equipment for recording and mixing.

The live room will have a volume of 65 cubic meters, and will be equipped with an acoustic drum set with associated microphones, solo guitar station, bass guitar station, combo organ (synthesizer), microphones for voice, dynamic and condenser, analog mixer, headphones for each musician, headphone amplifier, synthesizer, a stereo system with active speakers, cables, patch panels etc. The control room will be equipped with a 32 channel mixer, Pro Tools licensed software, signal processors, 2 pairs of different quality studio monitors, professional headphones etc.
Annexes: UPS space, central heating and air conditioning, bathroom + toilet, outdoor space for relaxation.


The things I'm most passionate about

I am currently working as a freelance engineer in places such as the Ijsbreker, deVorstin , de Tram, Podium victorie.

I've worked at major productions such as:

I am the drummer of Mind:Soul.


Feel free to contact me for any projects or job opportunities

You can e-mail me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Raul Tamas
(+4) 0752-948-686