Patterns E.P. Reviews

These are a few press review of Mind:Soul's "Patterns" E.P. by local and foreign press.

Wings of Death

"Mind: Soul is a surprising multicultural band with 3 Dutch, a Romanian and a Turk in the lineup. Lots of variation in cultures, therefore, hope that their music is also noticeable. Their website states that they label themselves as progressive metal. It so happens that it is my favorite genre ... so I'm very curious to see how their first EP 'Patterns' will sound. 

Circus of Fear begins with one, in my eyes, somewhat weak guitar.  A strange mix if you ask me, but it has some, pop / ska-like songs with grunts. The vocals sound a little flat in my eyes, but with a little practice and multiple vocal layers can still be fine. The melodies sound very nice in any case, and I hear a lot of variation; thundering drums alternate with quieter sounds. The whole is topped with a bit exotic sauce, which is where the multicultural aspect of the band does come forward. 

The song Patterns begins tighter than the previous track. The fairly pounding intro is refreshed by a cheerful tinkling piano. The guitars could still be improved, but later in the song I can hear more quality in terms of composing. A beautifully layered song, not too fast but certainly not too slow. 

For you (whoever you are) in my opinion a wonderful title for a love song. It also sounds pretty quiet with romantic guitar and piano. I also hear a little more passion in the vocals. It takes a bit of a cross between a ballad and a mid tempo song. So at the end, the guitars really come into action and if anything a bit better arranged; I got goosebumps from the last couple of sweet sounds. Neat song!

The last song sounds pretty chaotic - Selling Lies. A little shame after such a beautiful, bright number as For You.  Again, the somewhat exotic sound keeps the things fresh too, besides the somewhat dull voice of Tom White. In terms of tempo and drums here and there, unfortunately I have something to complain about. As I said, very chaotic here and there. Mind: Soul is in any case a beginning of something beautiful, with the right commitment and resources. This is another band that I would like to see a great future in. I will not say that this EP is really mind blowing, but the beginning is there."

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Flight of Pegasus

"The name of the band alone can cause a variety of considerations. Anyone depending on the philosophical, religious, medical or other knowledge and beliefs may assume the reporting incentives for first time in this musical group. Three Dutch, a Romanian and a Turkish coordinated by the joint willingness to create music and progressive forces in this EP which includes four songs. The band is balanced, having moments of technique, melody and aggression. They obviously have good intentions, theyseek to be interesting, but the vocals could be more expressive. The next jobs will definitely find more settlement and better organization of their material, because the more practice there is from each part, the more likely it is to present special music groups."

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Zware Metalen

"The first thought through my head when I shot the EP Patterns of the Dutch progressive metal band Mind: Soul set up was, "But this is not progressive metal!" A grunt here, a System of a Down -mockery, it is all some very confused and maybe even a bit silly. Twenty minutes later, however, I would like to admit that I was wrong. Patterns, though still a bit rough and impetuous, brings out a band that tends to genius.

While listenting to the four songs for the first time, it is difficult to fully understand where the band is going. The band effortlessly strings together semi-acoustic pieces to chunky riffs, death metal-influenced guitar work, and the result is ten times more awesome. The vocal performance of Tom White still can be doctored, as he is sometimes very dull across. At times, the band sounds like a structureless and unguided missile, nevertheless, they are able to create a complex but catchy metal.

This four-song EP clearly brings out a band which, with a little planing and good guidance could kick very far. An impressive first encounter that undoubtedly makes you longing to taste for more."

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Lords of Metal

"Winston : Three Dutch, a Turkish and a Romanian come together in a band. No, do not be afraid, no bad joke, I'm talking about the band Mind: Soul which consists of these five musicians. On their EP 'Patterns' these men know a nice mix of styles to prepare elements of prog rock and nu metal. In particular drummer Raul Tamas (the Romanian) is one of the nicer discoveries in Mind: Soul, which is actually a continuation of the band NemeSyz, because those three cheeseheads were in that band. I think the four songs from 'Patterns' leave a good impression, perhaps there may be some extra attention given to the vocals to get some more variety to offer. In any case, this EP is a nice beginning for this band."

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""Patterns" is the firstborn of Mind: Soul, a new Dutch band led by Tom de Wit. The purpose of the band is to make music that is aggressive yet which technically goes quietly and melodically. I can now start writing a long introduction, but let me just say right away: there they succeed effortlessly.

In Circus of Fear, the first track, it is actually already clear after twenty seconds: this is progressive metal of high level. A nice guitar, fast drums and a suddet polka-like piece of clean guitar. It is also clear that they tend to sound like  Symphony X; in that respect, the band sound is fresh and they managed to surprise.

The four tracks on "Patterns" are all at the same high level. It puts no one member above the other, because they all sound so nicely. The drummer is very talented, and does not lose himself unnecessarily. Actually, this also applies to the whole band. For prog concepts, there is surprisingly little instrumental ego tripping (not to be confused with instrumental showmanship). The musicians come into every song in their own way. They appear only at the right moments, and the songs are not completely filled with solos. Thus, the numbers (and listeners) occasionally leave some space to breathe. In addition, the songs are just very well put together. They are dynamic and full, but never chaotic.

Evidently, there are some things to say about this record. For example, there is still room for growth where the lead singer is concerned. On the whole, he sings clean, but real fire or expression is still lacking a bit. The very sparse grunts give it a bit more power, and the fact that they are not used to excess is also commendable.

"Patterns" suffers from the typical 'first album syndrome'. It is a hugely enthusiastic cd which is full of ideas and occasionally flies in all directions. Where many bands break up, it works to Mind: Soul. The musicians are very competent and the songs captivate from beginning to end. The band had tremendous potential, and judging by this EP, we can safely say that the Netherlands has a very good prog band! Hopefully they know the high expectations they have created with this EP on their first full length 'amply problems."

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